Kids Should Have Candy

       It’s your birthday. What’s your snack? Carrots. Yuck! Schools should allow kids to bring or have a treat for their birthday or a party at school. Some kids will cry to get a treat, so read this to decide if  you think yes or no. Should kids be able to have sugar?

        Sometimes kids need a sucker or a gumdrop. I think kids deserve to have candy. If my mom is allowed to have cake on her birthday kids should too. Kids are okay with just cookie not a whole cake. They are fine with a little bit of sugar. I think kids can have sugar if grown ups can.

     Grown ups need caffeine and kids need sugar sometimes.  Well, not too much. Kids don’t want carrots or celery. They want a cupcake. For school parties there can be apples for a snack but have a cupcake too.

     Almost everybody in my school brings a birthday treat and I don’t want that to stop. Some kids don’t like cake so they bring cookies. My teacher gives my class candy for bringing our fluency page and we don’t go crazy.

    All in all kids should  have candy. Yes, kids like fruit but they want candy too. Grown ups get caffeine, kids should get sugar. Kids want cake on their birthday and parties are better with cake. Those are great reasons. Now decide.

My cat

I have a cat. My cat is perfectly normal. Now I think you need to hear  the story of my cat. I thought my cat was normal  until the night  I found my cat in her cat house. It was not the house  I made her it was a mansion. I could live there. Then a limo came up to the house and my cat got into it.  I got my bike and went after her. Then I got off my bike and went into a building  and two cats stopped me from going into a room. But my cat came and they called her boss. My cat took me inside. There were more then one hundred cats there. We sat down. A cat came over and asked us what we wanted to eat. After that my cat told my that this place was just for cats and for them to be themselves. Then a boy cat came to dance with her so I left. The next morning it was all back to normal.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?


My special person

My special person is my dad. My dad is amazing. He is a great person, cook, and dad. I think he helps me  through life when it is hard.   I love him for who he is and think he is awesome.  My dad is a great cook. He makes me laugh. Sometimes he jumps on me and tries to squish me. If I’m under a blanket he will pretend that I’m not there and sit on me.  Sometimes he can gross me out because he is a nurse and he  talks about what happens to his patients.  My favorite thing about him is that he is mine. He sometimes  makes cookies or cupcakes with me. That’s why he is my special person.

How a Turtle ate a Huge Strawberry

Once upon a time over a rainbow  in a place no one knows about, there was the smallest turtle ever. That turtle’s name was Sam. Sam was so embarrassed  because he was the only turtle who could not eat a strawberry. Well his mom got him a piece of a strawberry, but its not that cool for your mom to get for you. Sam was determined to eat a huge strawberry. Since he was determined to eat a giant strawberry, he ate other small strawberries. Finn the frog, Sam’s BFF came to cheer him on the big day. Everybody came, even the mean old mosquito. It’s a miracle Sam did it. He is awesome. Sam is now a hero to little turtles everywhere. Now Sam eats strawberries and thinks they are delicious.

You are you

“Today you are you. That’s truer than true. There is no one alive is youer than you.”

I like this quote because I feel like it says being you is ok. Also it says you are the best you and no one in the world is the same. This quote mean’s you are never to you and can be you. Being you is more then ok being you is the best thing to do.

Dr. Seuss is a famous children’s book author. His books are loved all over the world.

How to draw a flower


This is how to draw a flower. First, draw a cirucle

Second, make the petals. There are never  too many  petals.

Third, make a stem. It can be long or short I do not care but it needs to fit on the paper.

Next, you can but don’t have to draw the leves to\ the stem. There can be one or six again it  dose not matter.

Last , you can color you flower.

Thats how to draw a flower.

What Makes Me Happy , Sad and Mad

There are lots of  things that make me happy. Some are friends, puppies, cats, smiles, candy, my sister and my grandma. My friends make me happy even when I’m sad. My friends are nice and very  fun. My friends  even make me happy with their  smile. That’s why they make me happy. Puppies make me happy because they are cute, fluffy, cozy, and nice. Cats make  me happy because of the same reason dogs do.  My sister makes me happy because she gives me great hugs.  Candy makes me happy because it is yummy. My grandma makes  me happy because she is sweet and kind. That’s what  makes me happy.

There are not a lot  of things that make me sad. Some are when people die or when a person is mean and when people take my candy. It is sad when someone dies because if I know them I cannot play with them or see them again. Also, they could be my friend. It makes me sad to see someone be mean because they are hurting someone’s feelings. Plus they are not making their self feel good at all. So don’t be a bully. I hate when someone takes my candy because it’s so yummy. That’s what makes me sad.

Not a lot of things make me mad. This is what makes me mad–when a person hurts me or my friend. It makes me mad because it feels awful. Also it makes me mad when people are mean. When people are mean it may make them fell like they are horrible.  When a person is mean they’re a bully. It just makes me mad and sad to see that.  It also makes me very mad when people take my candy. That makes me mad because candy is so yummy. That’s what makes me mad .

My Favorite Place

    My favorite place is my room. My room is my favorite place because I have all my books in it. I love the book Ivy and Bean. I love reading  in my room because it is quiet. I also  like my room because all of my  toys are in there and it is a perfect place to  have a sleepover.  I have never ever painted my room. It is yellow.  I have a bookshelf and one shelf is just legos.  I have chima, super heros, lego creators and lego friends. My room is a great place to hide. That’s my room.